About Us

Arcuri Planning & Scheduling LLC (APS) operates to serve as the “right hand” for clients who want to ensure that one of the three pillars of the project management golden triangle – the schedule – is built, maintained, and protected with expert level experience. On all projects APS considers themselves part of the project team as an assistant project manager, taking pride maximizing the use of the schedule as a successful project management tool. APS combines real world construction experience with highly skilled technical scheduling abilities to provide clients with expert scheduling services they can rely on.

The owner of APS, Frank Arcuri, earned a BS in Civil Engineering (Union College, NY) and a MSCE in Construction Management (Virginia Tech). Frank has considerable and diversified planning and scheduling experience working for multinational engineering and construction firms, spread among all sides of the scheduling table – contractor, owner, and consultant. Frank is a certified AACE Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP).